Positive Outcomes


Creating innovative outdoor spaces isn't just a question of installing a project and then walking away.

Marco Boi - Playinnovation Founder


When working with Playinnovation™ you will immediately find that we genuinely care about the personal development of children, young people and families.

As such, since late 2010 we have been carrying out workshops, event days and coaching to sit in tandem with your Playinnovation™ project.

Street Snooker Street Snooker


It has taken a lot of love, time, work, development and passion to create our seemingly simple designs and concepts, however we have continuously listened to thousands of children, young people and the older generation to get to where we are today.

If you have already been involved in a Playinnovation™ workshop/coaching/event day you will already have seen and felt the positive outcomes achievable.

If you haven't had the opportunity to experience a play date at one of our installations where is a shortlist of some of the key developmental outcomes derived:

People Say

Positive Outcome : Social Interaction / People Skills:

"I want to thank you for this day. My daughter has always been shy and struggles to speak with and bond with other children. Today, I'm almost in tears watching her make friends and playing on these games with other children." (Mother at Kings Walden event day)

Positive Outcome: Numeracy / Maths

"Just wanted to let you know that the young people from Sackville who visited the Snooker Wall this afternoon had a great time. Two Sports Leaders from Year 10 worked on teaching and coaching my two young Year 7 maths students. They not only enjoyed it and are hoping to persuade their families to take them back outside of school but it was great to see their mental maths skills being used in a practical situation.
We had used the app before going to learn how to play the game and the girls were really keen to try and beat that score once at the wall itself. Looking forward to using it again soon." Karen (Maths Department)

Street Snooker Street Snooker Street Snooker

Positive Outcome: Personal Goal Setting

"My high score is 34 in one minute at the throwing version of Street Snooker and I love Street Darts. I'm getting better all the time and think this game is better than other sports as it helps with my skills" Lola - Year 6 pupil

Positive Outcome: Continued Physical Activity

"The Street Snooker game is surprisingly addictive. I have been back with my son and daughter three times in the past week. They just want to keep improving their scores!" Mr Dent - Sussex

And more positive outcomes such as:

  • - Self Discipline
  • - Physical aptitude
  • - Improved social skills
  • - Encourages healthy competition
  • - Self discipline
  • - Graduated challenges
  • - Team work
  • - Increased self esteem
  • - Respecting opponents
  • - Performing under pressure
  • - Strategic thinking
  • - Resolving conflict
  • - Imagination
  • - Inclusive - games can be enjoyed by all, including those less able-bodied.
  • - Solo or team play
  • - Family participation and unification
  • - Improved fitness and associated health benefits
  • - Setting physical challenges & personal goals
  • - Hand-eye/foot-eye coordination

John Manitara

Chief Operating Officer CHILD UK

Child UK

Street Snooker™ is a unique,and innovative concept that has positive benefits for young people and their communities. It will certainly inspire young people to further participate in our activities at CHILD UK, by learning whilst having fun. Playinnovation™ and CHILD UK's shared ethos bodes well for the future in genuinely making a difference for young people and community life.

Bruce Poole

BA (Hons) Fellow ILCM and President 2010-2011 SLCC, The Professional Body for Local Council Managers

Society of Local Council Clerks

This is an exciting new product that clearly has the wow factor cued into it.

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