More than just ball courts...


In 2010 we decided to take a really close look at ‘Multi Use Games Areas’ (MUGA) typically installed in towns and communities across Europe. Although there is some great equipment out there, we found that it was a product area that could potentially reach out to a much wider demographic.

We want to get more people active whilst tackling key issues such as reducing obesity and anti-social behaviour.

Our aim is to design outdoor areas that will be more inviting to people of all ages, ability and gender. We then might have a chance of getting more people active through providing accessible facilities for informal sports opportunities.

Through adding our patented concepts such as the family activity games wall Street Snooker™. We are able to engage more easily with mums, dads, grandparents, toddlers, young people and professional sports people.




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Innovative solutions specifically designed to encourage community participation in sport for children, young people and adults of all ages and abilities.

We cannot express strongly enough to you what pleasure our Street Snooker and five a side football equipment is giving our village residents, from youngsters to adults.

The village of Middleton St George has grown so quickly over the last few years from a population of 2,000 to almost 5,000, mostly young families.

This has been a major problem for the parish council in trying to accommodate all youngsters and getting them to mix together. In the early days we found a problem with the existing teenagers objecting to the new residents moving in on what they considered their territory, consequently we experienced a huge rise in anti social behaviour and youngsters ending up in trouble with the police.

We realised the main interest amongst both boys and girls was sport but we had no facilities. I have to say that Street Snooker has fit this bill perfectly. On our official opening day we invited the local Police to play in a team against the village youths and set up teams of youngsters playing together. This has created exactly the competitive atmosphere that was needed. It is lovely and refreshing to see how well these young people of all ages are mixing and the respect this game has given to individual youngsters who previously did not feel they fit into the area they live in.

Playinnovation definitely re-define the term “multi use” so that sport can be enjoyed by even more user groups.

Many thanks again on behalf of all at Middleton St George


Doris Jones