Street Golf

Anyone for golf? A fun and innovative take on a great game. The perfect addition to any leisure centre or holiday park.

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STREET GOLF NEW BUILD played on your existing area of at least 8m x 10m. This option is priced to include the whole game, 4 player scoreboard and ground spots. This is a great fit for holiday parks & Leisure centres! – The Street Golf Games Wall is available with or without X2 steel side panels at 2500mm wide x 3000mm high, inverted at 45 degrees (or flush if preferred) to act as a specialist rebound. Let us know if you would like to add a new surface such as synthetic grass or tarmac...

Primary Market Sector: This option is ideally suited to Holiday Parks, Golf Clubs, schools and Leisure Centres.

Information: Choose this installation option if you have an existing flat grass site with a potential playing space of at least 8000mm x 10000mm. We will supply and install your project from start to finish including the groundwork excavation and surfacing.

Recommended Age

4 years to 99.

Product Specification

Key Material Specification

  • Heavy duty Framework and specialist expansion/contraction brackets in galvanised steel for main game and scoreboard. (optional green powder coating)
  • Sound deadening rubber strips in between front panels and supporting framework.
  • x3 HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) front facing boards that are each 19mm thick x 1500mm wide x 3000mm high
  • 3mm thick, printed dibond panels, counter sunk into HDPE to deter vandalism. All supplied with tamper proof fixings.

Development Benefits

Cardiovascular, personal goal setting, mathematics, hand-eye co-ordination, foot-eye co-ordination, target skill enhancement, team work, spacial awareness, shape recognition and much more!

  • Height: 3m
  • Width of actual game: 2.5m

Includes: 8m x 10m area of synthetic grass with cut in ground spots