• Comments and quotes from children
  • Comments and quotes from children
  • Comments and quotes from children
  • Comments and quotes from children
  • Comments and quotes from children
  • Comments and quotes from children
  • Comments and quotes from children
  • Comments and quotes from children
  • Comments and quotes from children
  • Comments and quotes from children
  • Comments and quotes from children
  • Comments and quotes from children
  • Comments and quotes from children

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Prices for the Street Snooker™ sports games wall school gyms start at just £4,500 excluding vat

Dimensions: 2.4m high x 3.6m long.
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If you are looking to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in YOUR primary school, a Street Snooker™ Sports Games Wall could be your perfect match.

  • The perfect coaching tool to encourage children to play ball sports in a fun and imaginative way.
  • Engaging to boys and girls of all ages and abilities.
  • Covert learning, skill enhancement and increased hand-eye, foot -eye coordination.
  • Cardiovascular activity

Through providing sporting opportunities that children engage in, the chances of sustaining one or more sports in their lives are greatly enhanced.

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Street Snooker™ for schools

Street Snooker™ can be fitted to your gym or outside wall and features magnetic numerical targets, moveable ground spots and a portable scoreboard for easy storage.

Players can either play as part of structured sessions in leisure centres or as free play in parks. Either way, they can check their scores against other players in the country by visiting playinnovation.co.uk and enter upcoming national competitions.

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BOBBY WHITE / Team GB Handball Captain says

‘Street Snooker™’ is a fantastic games wall and can be used for many sports including football & Handball skills development. It is easily adaptable to suit small or large groups, encourages team work, communication as well as essential components of fitness such as co-ordination, agility & of course cardiovascular. Put that all together in the fun and engaging environment it creates and you have an excellent example of what Grass Roots sport is all about

If you are looking for innovative ways to spend your Sport Premium funding, please email sales@playinnovation.co.uk or call Playinnovation™ on 0208 838 8958


Over 12,000 people are estimated to have played Street Snooker™. Recently the Playinnovation workshop team popped into Sacred Heart Primary School in Bushey to get some honest feedback from the toughest customers in the world – KIDS…

We took an outside version of the game and worked with around 150 children. Here’s how it went:

Primary School Workshop Case Study

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School

Location: Bushey, Hertfordshire
Customer: Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School


An incredibly successful workshop day involving 150 children from year two through to year six.

Each workshop session consisted of THIRTY children who were split into two groups. Whilst one group participated in the Street Snooker team and speed challenge the second group benefitted from a Brazilian Soccer Skills PE lesson.

After 15 minutes of play, the groups swapped over activities to ensure that all children had the opportunity to participate in Street Snooker and the Brazilian Soccer

The Workshop was so successful with the entire school that all the children wrote feedback and hand sketches with feedback about the morning, including sketches and how they felt they personally benefitted from playing Street Snooker

Comments from the School Teachers & Children

Thank you for a really great morning! Street Snooker is such a fun way to learn. Children don't realise they are improving hand-eye co-ordination and developing their numeracy skills! It encourages team work and is very adaptable to varying group sizes or individual players. Sacred Heart children loved it (and so did the teachers).

Head Teacher Mrs Rita Cooper

Thank you for sharing the Street Snooker activity with our Junior classes - they loved it!
I like the way that the game is flexible to suit particular needs, abilities and interests.

Miss Anna Moran – PE Leader

I thought Street Snooker was very good. It would be really good for developing aiming and throwing skills. It’s also good for shape and colour recognition and hand-eye co-ordination. The Maths element was also very good.

Jennifer Coley – Year 4 teacher

Some great comments From Children

150 Children wrote feedback comments and the forms are available to view if requested. Here are a few of their comments:

I really liked the Street Snooker. I really liked that we were against the clock and we were in teams of three. Thank you for coming to our school and a brilliant morning.


Street Snooker was really fun because of hand eye co=ordination and team work. I liked the Brazilian Football too. The Snooker was really REALLY fun. Thank you. I can’t think of anything to improve.


I think Street Snooker is 10,000 better than normal snooker. I liked it because it encouraged me to be active and quick. I liked the game because you would be told to cheer fo the person playing. Infact, I wouldn’t like to change it because I loved it!