St Michaels - Photography by Catherine Chapman


Pupil referral Unit – Stratton Education Centre

Date: November 2011
Location: Stratton, Wiltshire
Customer: Stratton Education Centre


A special workshop carried out in conjunction with Stratton St Margaret Parish Council , who engaged in a local Pupil Referral Unit. The young people from Stratton Education Centre responded extremely well to the workshop and followed up by emailing positive comments about their experience with Street Snooker.

Game play

The session involved trying out a number of diverse versions of Street Snooker to find out which games might be the most engaging. A speed challenge team play version, which has proven to be very successful was played by THROWING the ball at the Street Snooker targets to see which teams could score the most points in two minute time slots.

Comments from the Teachers

All the boys really enjoyed the Street Snooker, they were engaged and played for over an hour which is a real achievement. it was great to see them all participating and having fun all at the same time. I would love to see Street Snooker facilities closer to the education centre site. We would be able to take more advantage if they were.

Michelle Sheppard TA and Kelly Perring -Stanford TA

Some great comments From Young People

I would like to play street snooker again. I think it would be good to have in school because we enjoyed it and I think others would too.

Keafer Rutland

The street snooker was a lot better than I thought it would be. We all enjoyed it. I would like the school to take us there every Friday so it’s a nice end to the week but no police next time.

Danny Wicks

Comments from Wiltshire Police

I very much enjoyed attending the Street Snooker launch this morning in Stratton, Swindon. As a Community Beat Manager for the Swindon Police I fully support any initiative focused on providing positive outlets for the young people Swindon. Although I was initially slightly dubious about how the young people would engage with the concept I was pleasantly surprised as to how much they seemed to enjoy taking part.

The group this morning that took part in the event are well known to me and from personal experience they can be hard to keep interested for any length of time, with any organised activity quickly degrading into individuals wandering off and causing problems. It was very encouraging to see them working together for a common goal and taking it in turns without any squabbles. They were equally interested in adding up the scores or spinning the wheel as they were in being the main player. This will help them realise that co-operation and working towards a common aim is a positive thing which should hopefully translate into assisting them with schoolwork and being a valuable member of the community rather then a blight on it.

It was nice to meet you and i hope this concept is supported for the benefit of both the local children and the community.

Frank. (Wiltshire Police)