Secondary School - St. Michaels School, Watford

Date: October 2011
Location: Watford
Customer: St Michael's Catholic Secondary School


PE teacher Steve Higson was informed about Street Snooker through word of mouth and was invited to test the game out at a local site. When BBC National Breakfast suggested filming a piece with a local school, St Michael's was the natural choice, given that Mr Higson was already a fan of Street Snooker. The Head Teacher, Mr Eddie Conway was contacted by Playinnovation and accepted an offer for the school to be involved.

A portable version of the Street Snooker game and scoreboard was set up in the indoor gym and used as part of structured PE lessons and as an informal activity for children to try out and give feedback to Playinnovation.

Comments from the Teachers

During our pilot scheme with Street Snooker we found the equipment to be both adaptable and engaging for students of all abilities and age ranges.

This is a useful resource in the development of fundamental motor skills such as kicking and throwing. Students were able to focus on improving their technical ability as well as their accuracy.

In particular the students enjoyed the competitive nature of the game. At St Michael’s we ran a league system and invited students to post their highest break. Students enjoyed the competition between their fellow students and would spend their break time competing to achieve the highest break in the year group.

Steven Higson - PE Teacher