The smiles pasted on the faces of these kids speak for themselves!

Last year, we gave St John’s Church of England Primary School in Watford a much needed playground makeover – and to say it was well received would be a massive understatement! What was previously a run-of-the-mill primary school playground is now a colourful, vibrant, rooftop haven for kids of all ages to play, get exercise, and expand their creativity and imagination by coming up with new games with their friends.

In *** we were lucky enough to revisit the school to see how they’re enjoying their new playground – and it was absolutely a day well-spent. Upon arrival, we were bombarded with bright, smiling faces of children who were thrilled to share their excitement with us. They told us about the games they’d invented, the ways in which our games had helped them to improve in different areas of their school lives, and even shared with us their joy at the fact that our games have helped them build relationships and make new friends. We laughed, we played, we talked – and best of all, we got it all on film!

We spent time speaking with head teacher, Helen Langeveld who raved about how our games are helping her students with maths skills, physical skills, spacial awareness, and encouraging them to work together and collaborate. She spoke with us about how thrilled she was with the quality of the products and her unwavering assurance that they’ll still be standing in 20 years time – just as they are today. Words like this are music to our ears!

Projects such as this, which was funded by PE and Sports Premium Funding, are, as Helen mentioned, is a great use of the grant. While many schools are using their funding for coaching and sporting support, investing the grant money in educational infrastructure that will be long-standing, and beneficial for a greater period of time.

We’re so pleased to have been a part of this transformation, and being able to inject a little life back into play time at St John’s Primary School. The school, the students, and the faculty were all an absolutely pleasure to work with, and we’re looking forward to hearing from them with updates and new projects in the future.

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