Street Snooker: A brilliant, all-inclusive sport played by throwing or kicking a ball at snooker inspired targets to accumulate points and climb the global leaderboard! Encourages active playtime for all ages and abilities. Challenge your friends to the 60 second challenge, either throwing or kicking a ball, using the provided timer on the scoreboard or a timer of your own! Check out what is included in the box for more information about the product and the many ways it can be used as with Street Snooker. every shot is different.



For secure environments. Perfect for schools and leisure centres. QUICKSTART PACKAGE INCLUDES: Target Game, Scoreboard, Bungees and Cable ties for fence mounting. Portable Ground Markings, Ground Stickers, Ground Stencils and Paint, Ball, Bean Bags and a Giant Tote bag.


A heavy duty option suited for outdoors. HDPE material which is perfect for harsh, external areas. Perfect for a more permanent fixture. All you require is a structurally sound fence and a playing area of roughly 8m.




Using a ball of choice, start your mark on the RED CIRCLE.

When the 60 SECOND countdown begins, throw or kick the match ball aiming for the RED TRIANGLE ▶︎

When you hit the red target ▶︎ , run to the scoreboard, spin the wheel and whatever symbol it lands on ✖︎s★▲●♦◼︎OTP determines where you take your next shot from on the ground. From the ground marking spot, aim for any of the targets except red.

When you hit a target, run BACK to the red circle and aim for the red target again. Then the wheel again, then ground symbol etc…

Accumulate as many points as you can in 60 seconds! KEEP TRACK OF YOUR SCORE!